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SPROUT Liquid Organic Fertilizers are highly concentrated with an application rate of
200 ml per acre
for less than $5.00



20% off 10 x 1 litre
$180 ($18/litre)

Limit : 1 per customer


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AIS Corporation


Fertilizer : SPROUT Granular Microbial NPK Blend (SNPK)
Dosage : 50 kg SNPK per 50 kg Chemical Fertilizer
Area : 10,000 m2 (1 ha / 2.47 acres)

SPROUT Granular Organic Fertilizer (SNPK) can be used in conjunction with chemical fertilizers like Urea and NPK etc to improve the efficiency of chemical fertilizers and prevent further harmful damage to soils.



Bio-chemical Procedure
Soil Preparation
6 x 50 kg Urea 3 x 50 kg Urea
3 x 50 kg SNPK
Mix 50 kg SNPK per 50 kg bag of Urea.
Apply in usual fashion over the normal area.
Fertilization 3 x 50 kg NPK

1.5 x 50 kg NPK
1.5 x 50 kg SNPK

Mix 50 kg SNPK per 50 kg bag of NPK.
Apply in usual fashion over the normal area.
Supplementary Fertilization

SNS : 500 ml
SSC : 100 ml*

a) Dilute SNS with 500 litres of water OR
b) Dilute SNS with 2 litres and SSC with 500 ml of water separately, then combine and Progressively dilute mixture with 497.5 litres of water.

Spray solution directly onto plant leaves approx 50 ml/m2 of foliage. Spray on underside of leaf as well where possible.

For tall trees, spray solution onto soil over the roots in circle around tree and use 125 ml instead of 100 ml SSC.

SNS when applied on its own will nourish the plants.

* Fungus Inhibitor :
Adding 1 ml SSC for every 5 ml SNS protects the plant against fungi and simultaneously delivers a soil conditioning boost through the drops that fall to the ground. Recommended at least once per month.

* Soil Conditioning :
Adding 1 ml SSC for every 4 ml SNS when fertilizing through ground spraying simultaneously delivers a soil conditioning boost. Recommended at least once every 3 months.

DO NOT add more than 1 ml SSC per 5 ml SNS when applying direct to plant and ensure SSC dilution of at least 1 : 5 000.

Comments :

  1. SNS will be more effective if applied early morning (before 09:00) otherwise in the evening.
  2. Applying SNS as a fine mist directly to underside of leaves is most effective.
  3. Only apply SNS to soil/roots where application to leaves is not practical e.g. tall trees.
  4. Generally speaking increased fertilization will increase yield.
  5. Fertilizing twice over a period of time is more effective than doubling the dose and fertilizing only once.
  6. Only apply SNS at least 7 days after applying granular fertilzer.

SNS Notes:

  1. The minimum recommended dosage of SNS is 5 ml per 100 m2 or 0.05 ml/m2. if applied every 7 days. Increase the minimum SNS dosage if applied less frequently.
  2. Adjust the amount of SNS according to dosage strength and planted area being sprayed.
    Spray SNS+water solution evenly to match the water volume/planted area ratio e.g.
    - 500 l/ha = 500 000 ml/10 000 m2 = 50 ml/m2
    - 1 000 l/ha = 1 000 000 ml/10 000 m2 = 100 ml/m2
  3. Increasing the SNS dosage will increase the crop yield which could outweigh the corresponding SNS cost increase.
  4. Do not exceed a dosage of 10 ml SNS per 100m2 or 400 ml per acre or 1 litre per hectare per application. The maximum dosage and application frequency should not exceed 1 litre per ha every 7 days.
  5. Applying too much fertilizer will cause leaf blight. Water plants daily for 3 to 4 days to overcome leaf blight.
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