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Our Consulting Activities

  • As a Technology Consultant we provide technical services in the area of electrical design, control and automation.
  • We are flexible on how we provide service, whether it be telecommuting or on site, priced hourly or per assignment, long or short term.

Our Commitment

Unlike many other companies, we only promise what we know we can deliver. To this end we focus on services for which we have the necessary expertise in-house. However, we are always ready willing and able to upskill to meet a client's needs.

Our Service

We pride ouselves on the level of service we provide and will always go the extra mile to please our clients, which is what sets us apart from the competition.

Our Service Range

The services we provide include :

  • drafting
  • design drafting (electrical)
  • engineering (electrical)
  • technical writing
  • commissioning
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- Electrical Commissioning
- Electrical Design
- Electrical Drafting
- Hosting
- Spreadsheet Modelling
- Programming

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