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Welcome to the World of Commodities!

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Our Trading Activities

  • As a trading house we trade as principal for our own account particulary in rubber, latex and fertilizer.
  • As an intermediary we act as seller's representative for commodities such as cement, clinker, hms, used rails & urea.
  • We are always open to co-operating with other companies for mutual benefit especially in relation to value-added ventures.

Our Commitment

Unlike many other companies, we only promise what we know we can deliver. To this end we focus on commodities for which we have supply agreements in place and wherever possible, we align ourselves directly with manufacturers and producers to ensure guaranteed supply and optimum pricing.

Our Service

We pride ouselves on the level of service we provide and will always go the extra mile to please our customers, which is what sets us apart from the competition.

Our Product Range

The commodities we trade include :

  • building products (cement, clinker)
  • ferrous scrap (hms 1&2, used rails)
  • mineral ores (antimony, iron)
  • non ferrous metals (copper cathodes, zinc ingots)
  • rubber (latex, rss, str)
  • fertilisers (urea, bio fertilisers)
  • sugar


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Construction Materials
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- 60% DRC HA
- Gloves
Metals (Non Ferrous)
- Copper Cathodes
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Mineral Ores
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- Iron Ore Fines
Precious Metals
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Scrap Metals (Ferrous)
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- Used Rails
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