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Precious Metals


We are a direct buyer of gold dust/bars from West Africa and are interested to work with genuine suppliers.
Our interest is to build a long term business relationship with regular shipments.

We are very much aware of the many SCAMS that abound and have briefly described a few on our SCAMS page.

We will not enter into any transactions which require advance payments.
We will not enter into any transactions where the gold is not shipped direct to the refinery.

We require the seller to do an initial trial shipment of 5 or 10 kg on DDU basis.
Subsequent shipments shall be 25 or 50 kg each on FCA basis.

Criteria :
Gold must be of legal origin.
Seller must be the legal beneficial owner.
Gold must be properly cleared for export i.e. all taxes and duties paid.
Transactions must be fully documented.

Quality :
Form : Bars
Purity : 92% min
- free of non-deleterious elements
- free of radioactivity

We buy basis Incoterms 2000 as follows :
1. Initial Trial Shipment

Quantity : 5 kg or 10 kg
Delivery : DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid)
Price : $12,500 per kg pro rata for purity

Seller delivers to Buyer's refinery and pays all costs including :
- export tax
- export duty
- freight
- insurance

Buyer pays :
- import duty
- import tax
- refining charges


2. Subsequent Shipments

Quantity : 25 kg or 50 kg
Delivery : FCA (Free Carrier)
Price : $10,000 per kg pro rata for purity

Seller delivers to independent inspection agency (e.g. SGS) in country of origin.
Inspection agency will test and seal shipment.
Buyer will arrange/pay freight and insurance direct to transport/insurance company.
Gold will be shipped directly from the inspecton agency to Buyer's refinery.

Seller pays :
- export duty
- export tax

Buyer pays :
- freight (direct to insurance company)
- insurance (direct to freight company)
- import duty
- import tax
- refining charges

Conditions :
Seller must provide all necessary documentation to clear customs.
Buyer takes no responsibility if gold does not clear customs or is seized by Authorities.

Seller must provide all necessary proof of ownership and legal origin of gold.
Buyer takes no responsibility if refinery rejects shipment.

Buyer accepts obligation to buy gold only if :
- Gold clears customs and
- Refinery accepts gold for refining.

Payment :
It takes 5 days (max) from receiving the gold for the refinery to produce an assay.
Payment will be by T/T within 5 banking days after the assay.
Payment is based on actual recovered gold at the agreed price, pro rata.

Documents to include :
1. Proforma Invoice
2. Packing List
3. Certificate of Origin
4. Certificate of Ownership
5. Mining Licence
6. Export Licence
7. Export Clearance Certificate
8. Tax/duty payment receipt
9. Seller's declaration of :
- legal ownership
- legal status to export
- non criminal, terrorist or illegal origin

Each shipment can follow immediately after the previous one is settled - we anticipate a transaction every 2 to 3 weeks.

Suppliers interested in working on the above basis may contact us for further discussions.

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