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Sample Documents & Information.

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The information provided here is specifically to facilitate negotiations.
Please refer to the relative sample documents provided and use them as a base - it will save a lot of time and frustrations for everyone involved.

A bank comfort letter must be :
- on the bank's letterhead
- not older than 3 days
- confirm the account holder's financial capability to fund the
- proposed transaction
- signed by 2 bank officers
- bear the bank's stamp

When lodging an initial enquiry, please ensure you provide as much information as possible or you could also use our online enquiry submission form.

A full corporate offer will be issued to qualified potential buyers i.e. those who provide an acceptable LOI and BCL.
Qualified potential buyers must issue an irrevocable corporate purchase order with within 48 hrs of receiving an FCO.

A letter of intent must be :
- on the buyer's letterhead
- addressed directly to us
- not older than 3 days
- originally signed by an authorised company officer
- bear the company's stamp

All potential buyers and their agents/mandates must sign our non circumvention non disclosure agreement before we will provide an FCO.
Soft Offer
After lodging an initial enquiry, you will receive a soft offer which is only a price indication. A firm price will be quoted in the FCO.
All names, addresses and details of companies, institutions and individuals used in the sample documents, except ours, are fictitious and their use is solely for illustrative purposes to show completeness.
© Copyright 1988-2013 Aligned International Services Corporation

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Construction Materials
- Cement
- Clinker
- Bio Fertiliser
- NPK Fertiliser
- Sugar
- Urea
- 60% DRC HA
- Gloves
Metals (Non Ferrous)
- Copper Cathodes
- Zinc Ingots
Mineral Ores
- Antimony Ore
- Iron Ore Fines
Precious Metals
- Gold
- Bands
- Crepe
Scrap Metals (Ferrous)
- HMS 1&2
- Used Rails
- Clean Scrap
- Scrap Vessels

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